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Many years ago (maybe 2009?) I was partly responsible for a website for the recreational hockey league I was playing in.  I think this was even before Facebook was popular.  The site used something called phpnuke (which I just learned as typing this is apparently still available and being developed).  Well, the code was super buggy at the time and it sort of worked, but I’m not sure what happened… the site faded away.  I eventually stopped playing in the league and I know some other people had some sites over the years.  I think part of the problem was only a few guys in the league actually bothered with the sites at the time.

Flash forward to 2015.  I decided to start playing in the league again.  In the meantime, the rink started working with another firm that used Pointstreak.  Long story short, they did not want to use this for the league I was joining so I figured I’d give this another shot.  The tool I used this time around was WordPress (similar to phpnuke) and the SportsPress plugin for WordPress.  It seems pretty widely used and although there are still bugs, development seems active on it.  You can check out the site at

While working on the site, it peaked my interest in putting a site at again.  I’ve owned the domain since 2001 and have had some sites on it for short periods of time… but nothing ever stuck.  I think mostly because I ran it off of obsolete PCs in my basement that would always end up having hardware problems that weren’t worth fixing.  This time around, I looked into WordPress hosting and found that it can be surprisingly inexpensive.  Now that I have a stable site, I intend for this to stick around.  The original intent when I bought the domain was to set up a knowledge sharing site, but I never really found the right tool to facilitate it.  Now I think WordPress and some plugins will do a good job at it, but I’m a day late and a dollar short because there’s already a thousand of these types of sites out there.  I’m figuring I’ll set it up for myself anyway and see where it goes from there.

Back to hockey, a friend of mine is organizing a pond hockey tournament this year on Lake Wallenpaupack.  Needless to say, they wanted a website and Facebook page to get the word out.  So I figured what better timing than now to try another site.  Check out for details.  It’s still a work-in-progress as the tournament is a few months away.  Hopefully, the tournament is a success and I keep the website up and improve it for next year.

If you’d like to talk to me about a website for your organization, leave me a message on the Contact Me page and we can discuss pricing.  I can do everything from registering the domain name, designing the site, and hosting it long-term (no long on an obsolete PC in my basement!).


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